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The beautiful coastal city of Monterey, California, is as close as it gets to a family destination. In this blog post, we discuss six fun things to do in Monterey County that will make for an unforgettable time. It is easy to visit the beautiful beaches and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz Mountains, but there are also many other great places in the Bay Area for family vacations.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is recognized by TripAdvisor as the world's largest aquarium. The Monterey Zoo is located on a little over 50 acres of ranch in Salinas and is a great place to see a wide variety of animals, from birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds of prey. The National Park is 90 minutes drive from Monterey and is perfect for great weekend or day trips as there are numerous beaches, boating and water sports close to Montery Bay.

If you don't have time to head south, it's great to follow the private coastal roads on the Monterey Peninsula to get refreshed as you look around and follow them back to Salinas.

There are easily accessible buses and cars to and from Salinas, Amtrak provides buses, Greyhound operates and there is an Amtrak station about 20 minutes west of Salinas. Greyhounds are also active in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis

Salinas and surrounding areas also have a number of private and operated campsites, some of which are operated by the Monterey County Co-op and the Monterey County Co-op. The campsite is reserved for organized youth groups, but also has campsites in Toro Park. In addition to the private, privately managed and privately operated campsites in Salina, Montereys County also includes approximately 1,000 acres of open space in the hills above the Santa Cruz Mountains, totaling 2,500 acres.

The quality of life in Salinas is 60 out of 100, and the city is in the 19th percentile of all American cities. More than 70 percent of Salina's residents are Hispanics or Latinos, according to census data. About 80 percent of the region's farm workers live there year-round, but some residents call it a "salad curtain" because of its proximity to the California coast.

The median price of homes in Salinas is $303,800, $1,000 above the national average for the same period, according to the National Association of Realtors.

In Salinas, the home-to-price ratio is 5.8, above the national average of 4.5 to 1, according to the National Association of Realtors. In the city where John Steinbeck was born, social detachment can be challenging, if not impossible.

The area around Salinas is a great place to be during the summer months because there are many fun things to see and do, especially if you have a family. Whether you're planning the perfect getaway or just looking for a day trip out of town, the Salina Valley is a perfect stopover.

Whether you're traveling with children or just looking for a creative way to spend the day, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has something to offer. Known for its amazing aquariums and aquarium exhibits, it is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new environment. The Montereys Bay Natural History Museum and the Salina Valley Museum offer a variety of exhibits and activities for children and adults, as well as a range of special events.

A trip to Monterey County would not be complete without a visit to the Salina Valley Museum and Montereys Bay Natural History Museum. One of the best places on the Central Coast to get the adrenaline pumping is riding in the San Luis Obispo County Horseback Park.

Salinas has a reputation of being more of a vegetation than a visit, but it can be a great place for a short getaway. Here you will find many of the best hiking and cycling trails in the Central Coast region, and it is considered a good place to be.

The Tortilla apartment (1935), which marked a turning point in Steinbeck's career and won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the National Book Award for best novel. The grape rage grew out of the time he spent writing about a farming family who fled Okalahoma in search of a better life in California. Ricketts took him to Salinas to study his adventures in the great outdoors, and he wrote about his experiences there.

John Steinbeck fans should also check out Cannery Row, a waterfront in the city of Monterey that shares its name with one of his most famous books. It is a stretch of coastal road that ends in Montery at the old Salinas Naval Air Station, the site of California's first nuclear power plant. What to do: Where to spend your time: You can spend some time with the author himself exploring Canneries Row, as he has written a novel of the same name. He once told Elaine that a man should be buried in foreign soil, so she had his ashes buried where he began his life.

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