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Restaurants in Salinas are struggling to stay afloat after a new state regulation closed down indoor dining. As grocery stores quickly emptied and restaurants remained closed all the time, a local family restaurant was able to lower its prices.

The brand new Portobello Restaurant offers a full menu with dishes from local chefs and chefs from across the Bay Area. The dish exudes a unique blend of herbs, spices and spices from Salinas Bay. Although it is a simple dish with a strong herbal flavour and juicy aromas, the dish is imbued with so much depth and depth of flavour. It offers an amazing selection of fresh herbs and herbs from all over the world as well as a variety of spices.

Daniel Boudreault, of Norma's Family Restaurant, said: "You can come and choose from a variety of six different dishes. The restaurant offers a full evening menu with vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian options. You can eat lamb thighs, lamb chops, beef ribs, pork chops and even lamb ribs and chicken wings, says Paulo Kautz, owner of Patria.

The corners in the large floor plan enjoy cosy accents, as do the wooden wheelbarrows loaded with onions and herbs.

Although the exterior and interior design is simple, with bright, monochrome colors, the food is anything but plain. The menu blends in with this aesthetic, taking German, Italian and French influences and presenting habits - and shaping dishes such as butternut squash and rabbit with braised red cabbage. In addition to traditional Chinese options, Eagle Restaurant also offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as a wide selection of salads and pasta. Without sacrificing creativity, the menu is more focused, serving dishes such as crusted asparagus and smoked salmon with black beans and rice.

Concrete beams bear the industrial chic design of the sunny courtyard, concrete and viewing beams form the walls of the restaurant.

There are small outdoor tables, and almost the entire room is begging with construction on the street front. Taste Thai and Patria restaurants have their own outdoor seating, but they say it's difficult to maintain a business as the only option. One is still open, there is no way to make it sustainable with the continued closures, so they are putting more emphasis on it. Outdoor seating may bring some revenue, but not as much as it used to because there is little or no outdoor table.

Norma's Family Restaurant says they realize it's difficult to buy groceries without going to another store and seeing more. Grocery stores are emptying, making it harder for people to buy ingredients from a store to cook a meal. To help blend in with the community, the restaurant has adapted its operations and menu to offer food at lower prices, as many customers have been unable to afford comfort foods due to the recession. They want to offer communities a variety of different types of food, such as salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers and more.

But, above all, restaurant owners are counting on the average resident to make the most of what they can spend on the spot.

Danny Madewell, a Salinas resident, said: "It gives us time to get out and enjoy the weather and the food. Tapia said they hope that's what everyone is looking forward to bringing some normality back to everyday life. It's really thriving with lots of hard-working families, good jobs and a great community, he said.

My mother and father are in their late 70s and I don't want them in the grocery store, so why can't my parents do that for me? If they can do it for their children and grandchildren and all the other children in the neighborhood, why shouldn't they do it for us?

There's a lot going on Main Street, and an authentic old-world place called Little Sicily only opened this fall. A relatively new and exciting development that is evolving, Patria's is a "European Bistro" offering contemporary dishes, from typical European salads, pizzas and pasta to the original farm and plate selection, which includes a wide range of local produce and fresh produce from local farmers, as well as a variety of artisanal cheeses. The European landscapes offer a pleasant food and ambience, as they do in their doo-wop cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

Meanwhile, a sister company next door is waiting for the arrival of Citracada Pacific Fusion, which will deliver burritos and poke bowls in a fast-casual format. Portobello's, which moved to the city just a few months ago, is a local hub with an expanded menu and a new location on Main Street. The cult favourite food remains a hit, whether it's the braised short ribs or the pork belly chicken sandwich.

Patria's owners say they have been dealing with construction that has decimated their sidewalk parking lot in recent months. Construction on the main road is due to be completed in time for the opening of the new restaurant next door, but the bill is up for everyone from cleaning products to parking and maintenance. Taste Thai and Patrias are open from 11am to 2pm to take orders, while many other restaurants in the old town have opened at their new locations since construction began.

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