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Welcome to the Carmel, CA Real Estate site, which houses some of the finest real estate in the Salinas Valley in California. Whether you are planning the perfect holiday or a trip out of town, the Salinas Valley is a perfect stopover. The Monterey Zoo is located on a ranch just 50 acres outside of Salina and is a great place to see the largest zoo in the world as well as a variety of other animals and attractions. The National Park is perfect for great weekend or day trips, as it is a convenient 90-minute drive from Monterey.

In the heart of the historic downtown, there are shops and attractions that satisfy just about every need. Whether you're eating a bite or looking for a new wardrobe, chances are you've found it. In the old town there are attractions such as the Steinbeck Center and every Saturday a farmers market. Here you will find a variety of exhibits, including a gallery dedicated to Steinbeck's works, as well as several art and cultural exhibitions that represent the rich culture of the Salinas area.

You can also use our map to find the homes and apartments you are looking for in Salinas, CA, near you. If you move to Carmel CA, you can visit all the cities of the peninsula, including Carmel, to find a list of activities. Cities in Monterey County, including Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Salina and Salton Sea. For statistics, we report on all the towns and cities on the Monterey Peninsula, including the city of Salines, the city of Montesano, and the cities of San Benito and San Jose.

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Salinas Valley, affectionately nicknamed the "Salad Bowl of the World," offers much more than just agricultural goods. Salinas houses a number of unique public works of art, some of which are the result of local efforts in the form of sculptures, paintings and sculptures. The farm is certified by the California Certified Organic Farmers organization and is certified organic by the thirty different plants grown in the unique fertile conditions of the Salinas Valley.

The museum is located in the old town of Salinas, where Robert Frost, Nobel Prize winner and author of "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," lives.

It is possible that a few blocks make a big difference in the microclimate of a Carmel house, but there are ocean view houses all over Carmel. There are views that include clear shots of Point Lobos, as well as houses that are just a few blocks from the beach, the sea and the town of Salinas. Some are surprisingly affordable, depending on where the house is located, such as this one on the south side of the city overlooking Monterey Bay.

The luxury properties in Carmel on the first line of beach often have cypresses that filter the view a little, but they have a similar look to seaside homes and are much closer to the beach than many of the more expensive homes in town.

Salinas also has many apartments built between the 1940s and 1969, mostly in the form of single-family houses, but also in small neighborhoods.

Other types of apartments that predominate in Salinas are houses that have been converted into apartments or other small apartment buildings. Victorian houses that have been converted, and three- and four-bedroom apartments that are mainly in single-family homes. Some of these upgrades include upgrades, including upgraded high-quality bamboo floors, new windows and doors, a new kitchen and bathroom, and other interior improvements.

Carmel Ocean Front Homes is one of the most popular real estate companies in Salinas and is extremely popular with new home buyers. There are a number of unique Carmel neighborhoods that are well known to locals but often overlooked by those who are not. Some of the well-known features of this unique area, commonly referred to as the "Golden Square," are its high-quality houses, beautiful views, great restaurants and bars, a variety of outdoor activities and a wide range of amenities and amenities.

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