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The California Rodeo in Salinas kicks off on Friday, July 12, with country music superstars Tim McGraw and his band. The California Rodeos Association has already announced that the 110th California Rodeon will take place in Salinas from October 8 to 11, 2020. Also canceled was the Colmo del Rodeso Parade, presented by Star Market and produced by the California Grits and Producce and the Southern California Country Music Association.

Visits are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, July 13 and 14, 1 to 7 p.m. at the California Rodeo Salinas Convention Center. To purchase tickets or receive more information, visit the official California Grits and Producce website or call (855) 888-5555 or (707) 784-4666. Follow us on Twitter @ CaliforniaRodeos for updates, photos and more!

The California Rodeo Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditions of California's Rodeso Salinas and the West. Please support the efforts of the California Grits and Producce Foundation in its mission of education, outreach, and community engagement.

The active involvement of the community has given many of our young players the opportunity to engage in the Salinas Rodeo Association and other local events such as the California Grits and Producce Foundation. Our group has participated in many events and won many trophies and awards, and we are proud to have participated in many community events in our community, from concerts to community events to community projects.

In addition to traditional events, visitors to the California Rodeo in Salinas can watch the annual California Grits and Producce Foundation Dressing Room Show, the largest and most popular event of its kind in the country. It offers live music, food, entertainment and a variety of activities for children and adults.

The Concert Band, Jazz Band and Choir are ensembles performing at the annual concert series of the Salinas High School Music Department. The concert band includes a variety of instruments such as drums, trumpets, saxophones, trombone, piano, violin, cello, guitar, bass, drums and drums.

The Advanced Band at Washington Union School is for first-year players who excel at their instruments. The band performs at the annual concert series of the Music Department of Salinas High School. This class aims to develop musicians by strengthening their musical skills and knowledge in music theory and music history. It also includes music theory and music history as well as a variety of musical instruments such as piano, violin, cello, guitar, bass, drums and drums.

The concerts take place every second Saturday of the month in the auditorium of the music department of Salinas High School. It is open to the public to visit the concert hall, the school and the music department, as well as all students.

Live theater groups in Salinas include ARIEL Theatrical, located in the historic San Luis Obispo County Courthouse, and Western Stage, located at Hartnell College. Professional theater artists from across the country join local ensembles to present a variety of musicals, dramas, comedies and other works of art and music.

During this time, the choir will hold activities at the SBMS, and the students of the Jazz Band will be supported in their work with their students by world-renowned musicians.

Rodeo - Events in Salinas and Monterey, including the annual Santa Cruz County Fair, the largest rodeo in the state of California. The event attracts 65,000 people and offers a variety of rodeos, horse shows and other events as well as live entertainment. Live music from the region is played throughout the day, with live performances by local bands and musicians, as well as live music by local artists.

Salinas has always been a city of agriculture and is now home to an economy that produced more than $4 billion in crops in 2013.

There are a wide range of educational opportunities at 15 colleges, including the University of Salinas, California State University and the College of San Luis Obispo. The city's Catholic private schools include St. Joseph Catholic High School and St. Francis of Assisi College.

Natividad is owned and operated by the Monterey County and houses the Santa Cruz County Natural History Museum and the Salinas Historical Society. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) The National Park Service, located in Salinas, serves Salina and surrounding towns.

US Route 101 is the main north-south highway through Salinas and connects the Santa Lucia mountain ranges with the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay Area. The Coast Starlight train stops in Salina and runs between Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay and San Jose and San Luis Obispo counties. Thanks to a natural air conditioning system that transports sea air and mist from Montereys Bay to Salines and a mountain that blocks the sea air, temperatures are cool to moderate during the day.

It was cited as a hypothesis to explain the high rates of obesity and heart disease in Salinas and other parts of the Bay Area. California and the nation as a whole have contributed greatly to the rise in obesity rates in recent decades.

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