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The Monterey Bay area is not just a place for tourists, the people live here and are very proud of their city. Take selfies under the Golden Gate Bridge, learn to surf and practically challenge yourself for a road trip in the convertible that we recommend. It's hard to go wrong on a trip to California, but the people who live and live here, the food and the culture, it's a great place to be.

The comfortable accommodations at the Salinas, CA Hotel offer a wide range of superior amenities and services. The hotel also features a private pool, spa, indoor pool and fitness centre. We welcome guests from all over the world, from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East to express ourselves at our beautiful hotel.

A free daily self-parking service is also available on site and provides access to the Salinas, CA International Airport and San Luis Obispo County Convention Center.

This page is currently viewed in different languages, please see the page in another language. All suites and apartments at our hotel in Salinas are available for holiday hotels, and room allocation is based on the number of rooms available at the hotel and the availability of free daily self-parking beds. Based on current averages, rooms at our hotel cost between $5,000 and $7,500 per night. Free, including hot water, breakfast, lunch, dinner, free Wi-Fi and free parking (including daily free self-parking).

The IHG leadership team recognizes our commitment to supporting the family and COVID-19 in the crisis. Guests are not arrested if they know that smoke detectors, windows and security guards are on site. A shared apartment is considered accommodation - in - place order and may te - A. All guests are not advised, as they know that there is a smoke detector and window cleaner on the premises and that all apartments are considered accommodation.

Carmel is a small town, and there is something for everyone here in Carmel, and this hotel is a great place to walk anywhere. We recommend staying in the smaller hotels in and around Carmel as they allow for a more in-depth travel experience.

There are no big restaurants or hotels in Carmel, so you will find many of the small inns and B & Bs you will see here.

The apartments in the Saline offer a wide range of dining options, from casual to fine dining, and the Holiday Inn Express offers the best experience. The hotel also features indoor and outdoor pools, as well as an outdoor pool and spa. Welcome to the Inn and sample some of the finer restaurants, but our favorite is also the Salinas California Intercontinental Hotel and B in Carmel, California, with its excellent food and drink.

When you book a stay at Holiday Inn Salina directly with IHG, you can choose from flexible rates, including the flexibility to change or cancel your reservation free of charge. To start with the excellent offers at the Salinas Hotel, check your phone company's access fees before checking availability by using the price guarantee on Interstate 135.

This exact suit protects your business - friendly holiday guests from the cold of the coldest winter months in the Pacific Northwest. Worth mentioning are the special discounts for families who enjoy the Holiday Inn Salina and the Salinas Intercontinental Hotel, a member of the IHG family of hotels.

The site compara precios encuentras is currently viewed in several languages, so let us know. Secrets are on sale at Holiday Inn Salina and Salinas Intercontinental Hotel, a member of the IHG family of hotels.

Room types assigned at check-in, subject to availability: Double, Triple, Quadruple, Five and Six. Guests enjoy the luxury of the Holiday Inn Salina and Salinas Intercontinental Hotel, which features double and triple linens, a full-service bar and restaurant, private pool and spa, outdoor pool terrace and outdoor terrace overlooking San Luis Obispo and the Pacific Ocean.

The city of Monterey, Pacific Grove and Carmel all have a year-round temperate climate with a variety of beautiful plants, and the lawn in front of the house is not marked by grass. It's a trend in California that the Monterey AVA has both good wine and beautiful scenery. The Carmels Valley has several beautiful wineries that will help you discover the wine region. Taste of the Montery is located in the aquarium on the second floor of an old cannery and has more than 90 wines from the region.

Wireless internet is available nearby in your browser window and is free and available to all guests of the Salinas International Hotel.

We offer all guests of the Salinas International Hotel free wired and wireless service. Suites: We offer a wide selection of suites, suites with private balconies and suites on the ground floor, as well as suites in the hotel lobby and lobby bar. Our suites offer free Wi-Fi access to all our rooms and free wireless Internet access for guests and employees. We offer free WiFi access in our suites and suites with free Wifi access.

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More About Salinas