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It has a median list price of $746,950 and is listed on this page, but it was purchased late last year for $80 million by the Salinas' owner, CA Hilton Hotel and Spa. You can earn a discount if you are a Prime Suites in Salina, and you can also purchase them for less than $1,000 per night. It has an average price for a four-bedroom, two-bath hotel of about $2,500 per square foot and is listed on the site; it has a median list price of between $746 and $950.

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The Amtrak route that runs to Salinas Station is Coast Starlight, a daily train that runs from Seattle to Los Angeles and back. Heading south, passengers can expect to make a brief stop at the station in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Mateo before reaching Los California. There is a comprehensive bus service that connects Salina with Amtrak and Caltrain trains, but there is no direct connection to other rail lines in Northern California or the Bay Area. Only a few Salinas - MST buses connect the other train lines and buses, although the Starlights coastline is the only train line that runs directly through Salines and is connected to other trains.

There is no direct connection between Salinas and other railroads in Northern California or the Bay Area, but there is a direct connection to San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz and San Mateo from Salina.

Stay at the Hampton Inn Suites Salinas Hotel and enjoy views of the sea, the beach and the city of Salina from your hotel room. Other great beach destinations include San Luis Obispo Beach Resort in San Jose, California, and Monterey Bay Resort and Spa in California.

Check out the 1 - 24 hotels in Salinas on Tripadvisor ranked 4, 5 or 5.5 and help you plan your next trip to Salina. Check out our Salinas hotel guide for the best hotels, restaurants, bars and restaurants in the city and the state of California.

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Visit our guide to find the best restaurants in Salinas and Monterey County, as well as local shops and restaurants. A long-distance train connects bus travel from Salina to Monterego County within walking distance, and long-distance trains connect buses to and from Salines and Monterey Counties.

Located in the heart of Salinas, Monterey County, just a short drive from downtown Salina, it is a great place to shop, eat and entertain. The hotel is located near the intersection of Main Street and State Street in Salines, about half a mile from the city center. The hotel is located in a small strip of land south of the Santa Cruz River.

Tom Clark is located in the heart of Salinas, Monterey County, just a short drive from downtown Salina. Tom Clark is located near the intersection of Main Street and State Street in Salines, about half a mile from downtown. It is located on a small strip of land south of the Santa Cruz River, about a half-mile north of the city.

There are 26 hotels and other accommodations in Chula Vista, and it is close to all major airports. It is the second largest city in San Diego County, with a population of about 1.5 million and is closest to the major airport. Chulanas has 26 restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels, as well as a number of other amenities in Chuleya, a small town about 800 meters north of downtown.

We enjoyed our stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites Salinas Hotel and enjoyed the beach and its amenities as well as the proximity to the airport. Among the amenities available to groups on this beach are: gradually: restaurants and bars on the beach, shops and restaurants and a number of other amenities.

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If you are in Las Palmas, consider staying at the Salinas California Hilton Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in downtown Las Palmas. Some Coronado accommodations include a hotel room with views of downtown San Diego and a private beachfront apartment building. If you are in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you can stay at a luxury hotel, such as the Hyatt Regency Hotel or Hilton Hotel. A few Coronada accommodations include a hotel room, restaurant, outdoor or indoor pool and a wellness centre.

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