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The city of Salinas is pushing ahead with plans to buy a motel to house the homeless, according to a city news release.

The North Monterey Area Hotel in Salinas is located in Salinas and the guide lists everything, including the discounted motels and what they allow. North Salina Valley Inn and Suites is located on the corner of the main street and main street in town, two miles from San Saba Vineyards and a 5-minute drive from Steinbeck Museum. This motel can be booked online or by phone at 1 - 888 - 527 - 6555, which according to the hotel website can only be booked at the end of the month.

For more information about the Salinas Valley Inn and Suites and the Monterey Area Hotel in Salina, call 1-888-527-6555 or visit the website.

The hotel is located about 5 minutes from downtown Salinas and downtown Los Angeles, both about 2 hours away. Recreation is possible, and residents can dive at McMurtrey Aquatic Center, which is 11 minutes from the community. Residents can take classes by the outdoor pool of the Monterey Area Hotel or relax and be one with nature. In Salina there is an outdoor pool and a wellness center, as well as an indoor pool with pool house and fitness center, but there is no hotel.

Enjoy stunning views of the Salinas Valley and the San Luis Obispo County coastline from Hilton Garden Inn in Salina.

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Enjoy free Wi-Fi and parking at the Salinas California Hilton Garden Inn in West Bakersfield Townhouses, as well as other amenities.

The Amtrak route that runs to Salinas Station is Coast Starlight, a daily train that runs from Seattle to Los Angeles and back. There is a comprehensive bus service that connects Salina with Amtrak and Caltrain train lines, and there are a number of bus lines that connect the city with other train lines. While the Amtrak train runs twice a day through Salinas stations, the bus line connecting the cities with other trains and rides provides more frequent service between the two cities and other rail lines in Northern California. Some of Salinas MST buses also connect to other rail lines in Northern California, with Coast Starlight being the only train that runs directly through Salines.

Heading south, passengers can expect to stop at Salinas Station before reaching Los Angeles, and then stop in San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Cruz or San Diego. Passengers traveling north from Salina can stop on the Coast Starlight train line in Santa Clara County. For more information about Amtrak's train service in Salines and other rail lines in Northern California, visit the Amtrak website or Caltrain's website. This is part of a series of programmes, information and services provided by EDD to residents, businesses and visitors to the town of Saline.

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The family of two missing boys who disappeared from their home on the night of December 31 have been found, and Bakersfield Police and the Kern County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday a new update on their investigation into the disappearance of the two boys, ages 7 and 8, from Salinas. The College of Southern California, an accredited Bakerfield College, is an accredited community college in the California State University system.

Routing Number will offer Orange County concrete experts to assist their services in finding the missing children in Bakersfield.

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